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Tauira well-being is fundamental to Ōpōtiki College and creating a sense of community is central to our philosophy as we recognise that this enables us to encourage and nurture student success. Tauira are more successful when they feel supported, have a strong sense of belonging, are challenged and feel well cared for. The House structure has been designed to support us and tauira in building this strong sense of community and well-being.

All learners are placed in one of Four Houses and spaces where they become part of an extended family of staff and learners during their years at the school. Maurua have a separate House space but also come together with their House for some activities.

Each House is led by their Kaiārahi and supported by Whānau Teachers (WT's) who mentor a group of learners. Each House also has a Senior tauira as a House Leader. These leaders play an active role in developing House spirit and connected relationships. This fosters and builds closer positive relationships between learners, teachers and the school.

What are Whānau Roopuu?​​​​​​​

WT’s are key to the Charter vision of Connected Learners and Confident Citizens and the importance we place on a connected community. Your child’s WT is your first point of call. Their role is to look after the well-being and academic needs of our rangatahi, guiding them through their journey at Ōpōtiki College. Each WT will establish learning goals for each tauira and seek ways of supporting tauira to enjoy success and meet their potential. House spaces help foster and build relationships with all House members.

On every day except Wednesday (whole school assembly), tauira attend WT for 30 minutes. Their WT is the person they see at the start of the day to help plan their day, check on well-being, discuss uniform and equipment and develop House Spirit. Each day ends with WT to come together to celebrate the success of the day and give any further information students may need. Students also have internal and lunchtime kai provided through 'Food in Schools' in their House spaces. Rolls are taken at both WT.


House Competition


Competition between Houses is strong at Ōpōtiki College tapping into two basic needs: a need to belong and a need to be challenged. Each House has a distinctive culture through their colours, mottos and traditions while sharing core values and beliefs that are common to all. House Spirit Day is held each term to build connection and offer healthy competition. Activities include House Haka, Sports and House Spirit Shield Challenges.

“Every kid needs a champion” (Rita Pearson) Our goal is that the LA can be one of those champions!


Our Core Values:


Respect/Me Māhaki: Build respectful relationships
Responsibility/Me Ngākau Titikaha: Act responsibly
Resilience/Me Tohetoa​​​​​​​:  Demonstrate resilience and a positive outlook to meet future challenges


​​​​​​​Our three Houses:  

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