Mana wahine/tāne

Mana Wahine

Mana wahine is a programme/group available in the school specifically for girls aged 14 – 18. The aim of the program is to enable our young woman to share and explore topics that affect their wellbeing: emotional, physical and mental, and build upon their self-confidence to give them a greater understanding of who they are and to stand tall and proud as happy, confident and self-assured wahine.

The programme uses a Holistic approach and the Whare tapa wha model as its base. Activities include pilates, yoga, career planning, nutrition and guest speakers.

Mana Tāne

Mana tāne is a programme/group available to support some young Tāne to ‘think before they act’. The programme is designed to challenge the mind as well as the body.

A combination of weights sessions and mentoring sessions in small groups or 1:1, support the participants to make positive decisions that will enhance their wellbeing and success at school, both in learning and developing strong respectful relationships.