Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit & Support (CACTUS)

CACTUS is a programme of physical training developed from the Armed Forces programme. It is designed to extend a young person’s mind and physical capability.

The CACTUS course runs for eight weeks, with three one hour training sessions per week, of progressively harder physical routines. CACTUS is then finished with a longest day which is a 6 to 8 hour day involving various activities which adds up to about 20 kms and topped off with a 200 meter 25 ton truck pull. 

The training sessions vary from day to day including beach runs, hill sprints, distance running (anywhere up to 8kms) and equipment carry (which includes weight bags, 20kg plates, stretcher and two 80 kg logs).

At the end of each training session the students are required to have their school uniform which must be ironed so that they can shower at school and then the instructor will inspect their uniform to make sure it is up to standard. The students are then fed breakfast to make sure they have enough energy for the school.