​​​​​​​Developing Leaders

Students need to be provided with opportunities to develop leadership skills and attributes.

Throughout their learning at school students will be encouraged to participate and take part in a number of activities both curricular and extra-curricular and these will all build towards the formal student leadership roles at the College.

Student Leadership Team


Head Boy
Head Girl
Deputy Head Boy
Deputy Head Girl

At the beginning of the year, (before school starts) students attend a Year 13 Camp to help them develop leadership skills. This is run by the Deputy Principal - Wellbeing and the Kaitakawenga.

On their return to school students apply to the Senior Leadership Team for the Head Student roles. Students are then shortlisted and interviewed. Student and staff input is also considered. The Senior Leadership Team then appoint the best candidates to be the Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl for the year. Students also apply for House Leader roles. 

The Head students lead House Leaders (who also act as their deputies). Each House then has a leadership team who form Sports, Art/Cultural and Academic Councils. These are both Year 12 and 13 students to widen leadership opportunities. They then select and appoint their student councils. This is a robust process and we have a strong Student Leadership Team.

The Leaders and their Councils are responsible for running and organising a number of whole school events throughout the year as well as Leading whole school assemblies. The leaders also represent the school within the community.

Additional Leadership opportunities for students are available through our Sports and extracurricular programmes including Spirit of Adventure and Outward Bound.