Summer Sport

Summer sports season typically runs during term one and/or term four.  We hold high expectations for players at school and on the field. Our values are teamwork, commitment, respect, leadership and having fun. 

We can not offer sport without the support of our school community and highly appreciate everyone who gives up their time to coach, manage, transport and support our athletes from the sideline.

As you can imagine the cost involved in sport is huge!  Especially transport, as most of our teams must travel out of town to compete.   We do apply for funding to help cover costs, teams do an enormous amount of fundraising for tournaments and we are lucky to have some generous sponsorship from local businesses each year.   We welcome new sponsors or generous donations anytime, just get in touch with the school if you are interested in financially supporting our sports programmes. 

To keep up to date with sports news follow our Ōpōtiki College Sport Facebook Page

Indoor volleyball

Indoor volleyball is played in term four for juniors and term one for seniors.In previous years we have had both Senior and Junior Girls Teams competing in the BOP Regional Competition held at the ASB Arena, Mount Maunganui.  If there is coach/manager availability then teams may have the opportunity to attend North Island Champs in term four (Juniors) or Secondary School Nationals in term one (Seniors).

Rugby sevens

Rugby Sevens is currently one of New Zealand's biggest growing secondary school sport with the national tournament being played at the end of term four.  Previously we have had an U19s Rugby Sevens Girls team who qualified for Condors (National Competition).  To qualify they had to finish in the top two teams in the Bay of Plenty.  The girls had a very successful campaign getting to Condors and some very tough competition playing some of the best teams in the country.  

Ki o rahi

Ki o Rahi is a new sport to Ōpōtiki College and one we hope to grow.  It is based on the Purakau (legend) of Rahitutakahina and the rescue of his wife Tiarakurapakewai. The tākaro is a reflection of Tupuna storytelling at its best, as well as provides an insight into the way in which they would explain and design Tākaro to reflect their unique "world view". The Papa Tākaro (field) layout of Ki o Rahi and the way the Tākaro is played is a perfect example of this.


Ōpōtiki College has a proud history of playing touch rugby. In 2008 and 2009 the College held the BOP Regional Title and went on to win the National Secondary School Mixed Title in both these years.  Previous students Storm Howe and Tyler Bidois have both played for the New Zealand Men’s team.  In more recent years we have lacked coaching staff to be able to offer teams but we would love to rebuild this sport.  It is played in term one and term four.

Lawn bowls

This is a sport played in the local community at the bowling green on King Street.  It seems an obvious choice to introduce to our students!  This is a great sport to complement indoor bowls that is played during the winter season.

Beach volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a new sport to Ōpōtiki College for boys and girls.  Competition is played over the summer season with one-off events, usually on the main beach of Mount Maunganui.  This is a sport we hope to grow at the College.