Tides come and go but once a champion, always a champion.

This House has been formed through combining Freyberg and Rutherford. The values of the former Houses have been retained as requested by staff. As part of the process to create a name that was relevant as per the values and was a name that would be simple to pronounce, I also consulted with people from the hapū and iwi of Te Whakatōhea as well as Board members.

Courage and Strategy were the values of Freyberg. Challenge and Curiosity were the values of Rutherford. Each of these values has a Māori term or word that can be used to describe the values and that is the word “TOA”. Combining the word TOA with the word TAI allows for the utilisation of some of the common sayings in Te Whakatōhea and Te Ao Māori –  “ki uta, ki tai”, “tai timu, tai pari”.

Kaitakawaenga - Fiona Edwards (fionat@opotikicol.school.nz)