​​​​​​​Challenge and Curiosity

Ernest Rutherford (Lord Rutherford) was better known as the father of nuclear physics. He was without a doubt New Zealand’s most famous and highly recognised Scientist. It is an absolute honour for our house to be named after him, Rutherford House. Interestingly Lord Rutherford was knighted in 1914, during World War I, where he worked on a top secret project to solve the practical problems of submarine detection by sonar and when he was young he also played rugby for Christchurch University.

Rutherford House stands for and embodies both Challenge and Curiosity. As students of Rutherford, we should challenge education and challenge ourselves to do “more”. We should remain curious and inquisitive not only during schooling but in life, forever pushing the limits of our minds.

“Every expert was once a beginner” - Ernest Rutherford.

Goals for the house this year

This year we will take out Mansfield and once again regain the title of Best House. When people think of Rutherford House, they think of encouragement and support. We will continue to develop our students in supporting them to become more than just a student but a leader. Thus far in 2017, we have placed second in nearly all of the house events, no more, this is our year!

Kaiārahi:  Fiona Edwards (

I am former House leader of Rutherford having attended Ōpōtiki College . I am Ōpōtiki homegrown, being raised in the Waiotahe Valley and attending Waiotahe Valley Primary School with my two younger brothers. This is my sixth year of teaching here at Ōpōtiki College, and there is no place like home! I am extremely passionate about Rutherford House and all of the amazing students and teachers involved. When it comes to Challenge and Curiosity there is no other House more dedicated to getting the job done. Let’s go Rrrrrutherford!

Rutherford House Chant 2021: Click here