Courage and Strategy

Freyberg House is named after the heroic Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg.

“I am in this with all my heart” - Sir Bernard Freyberg.

Born in Surrey, England, in 1889, Freyberg moved with his family to New Zealand at two years old. Freyberg was a winner of multiple swimming titles, he was the New Zealand 100 yards champion in 1906 and 1910. He also played competitive water polo and was a keen yachtsman. Freyberg trained in Lake Horowhenua while he lived in Levin.

He trained as a dentist and practised in Levin from February 1912 before gaining a commission with the Royal Naval Division's Hood Brigade upon the outbreak of World War I.

In April 1915 Freyberg became involved in the Dardanelles Campaign where he received the Distinguished Service Order. He also won a Victoria Cross during the Battle of the Somme in November 1916. Hit by German fire four times and leading a battalion that had suffered heavy losses, Freyberg successfully captured the village of Beaucourt and held it against a German counter attack. He was taken from the front line on a stretcher.

At the outbreak of World War II Freyberg was appointed the commander of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force after his performance in the First World War. He led its campaigns in Greece, North Africa and Italy. Despite Freyberg being badly wounded the New Zealand Division played a vital part in the Allies’ final breakthrough. For his leadership Freyberg immediately received a knighthood.

After the war, he was appointed as NZ Governor-General, the first to have grown up in New Zealand. A post he held from 1946 until 1952. He returned to England to retire, and died in 1963, following the rupture of one of his war wounds. He was 74.

House Values

Freyberg House stands for Courage and Strategy which is fitting from the clever tactics and heroic acts our namesake has performed during the Wars. Our House demonstrates these attributes through the high energy and clever tactics when participating in all school and extracurricular activities.

House Highlights

Our House has had many Highlights so far this year. Our Year 9s set the bar high for us, winning the House Chant Competition. The year 13s followed suit with a spectacular synchronized swimming performance. Our House has kept that bar high, winning the House Swimming Competition, House Haka Competition and sharing the top spot with Rutherford for the House Spirit Day Competition. This success has been due to the high participation of our house members in all the events during the year.

Goals I have had for Freyberg House this year are:

  • To continue to have high participation in House Events and striving for that top spot.

  • Demonstrate the Ōpōtiki College Values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

  • Meet the 80% attendance target. Learners that attend school regularly are ensuring their opportunity to achieve.

  • Increase the amount of Connected Learner Cards Freyberg receives for demonstrating a connection to learning in class.

  • For Freyberg students to experience success here at Ōpōtiki College.

Kaiārahi:  Kayla Cronin (

Kia Ora. I have lived in Ōpōtiki my whole life. I was a student here at Ōpōtiki College, graduating in 2009. I then moved to Tauranga to gain a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation as well as a post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching. I then returned to Ōpōtiki, gaining a teaching position at Ōpōtiki College in 2014. My mother, sister and I run the Phoenix Taekwondo Club here in Ōpōtiki. This commitment has been very rewarding, our club is quite successful on the National Stage.  My connection to Ōpōtiki is what drives my passion to see the youth of Ōpōtiki to succeed. I believe we have a great community and together we can continue to develop successful rangatahi.

Freyberg House Chant 2021: Click here